ER Handling Process


Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

The number of Enhancement Requests (hereafter called ER) have drastically increased as we gain more market share.
In order to comprehend variety of requests and to secure the quality of our SW at the same time, we have drafted and agreed to implement
a clear ER handling process.

This process has been agreed by the Product Planning team, Development Planning team, Sales team, TS team and R&D.
By abiding by this process we hope to continuously grow as the technological market leader and at the same time satisfy the market need.
Please refer to the below information for details.

The new process will be implemented starting with the planning of 2.7.5.
For any inquiries regarding the new process, please contact Jay Park ( of the Product Planning Team.

[Major Version Release Process]
a. Major version to be release twice a year
1) AOI: June & December
2) SPI: April & October
b. This time frame is based on Beta Version Release (Not TQA passed).
*Please refer to the Version Classificaiton under the Note Section.
c. ER Case Selection Process
1) 1.5 Month prior to Upcoming Alpha Version Release: Planning period of the Next (To-be Released) version notified to customers.
2) 1 Month prior to Alpha Version Release: Deadline for ER cases to be reviewed for the upcoming version.
* Additional ER Cases after this point not considered for the upcoming version.
3) Review and selection of ER Case by PP Team (Max. Two Weeks).
4) TS Review of ER cases to be included in the upcoming version selected by the PP Team.
5) Review of ER cases by PP and DP Team to finalize the decision (Max. Two Weeks).
6) Notification of ER cases to be included in the upcoming Version to the customer and R&D cases generated for to-be included cases.


[Escalated ER Process]
a. Scope
ER case which was not able to meet the schedule of Major Version Release Process stated above and/or must be fulfilled due to the customer’s request (market need).
b. Escalated ER Handling Process
1) Escalation Issue Pool to be managed by the PP Team.
2) Escalation Issue Pool is determined by the negotiation between TS & Sales Team.
3) ER Case from the Escalation Issue Pool to be included in the next upcoming version when development pool (resource) becomes available.
4) Developed ER provided to the customers as a Hotfix version.


a. Depending on when an ER case is received along the Process, feedback on the development possibility and or schedule may take up to 5 Month.
b. HQ TS & PP Team to review ER cases on a regular basis and provide feedback on the possibility of developing an ER. (Go / No Go.)
c. Decision to include an ER in the upcoming version will be announced abiding by the Major Version.
Release Process. Customer must wait for the official announcement of ER cases to be included in the upcoming version.
d. In cases when immediate answers are required, it will be handled by the Escalated ER Process.
- Development Pool (R&D resource) is approximately 10 ER cases.
- PP Team to manage Top 10 Priority ER cases in the Escalation Issue Pool and have substitute pool of another 10 ER cases in case Development resource becomes available.
e. The following process is based on AOI.
f. SPI will share the basic principle but maybe subjected to changed depending on the development resource and market trend.
g. Version Classification
- Alpha Version: Version not tested by TQA
- Beta Version: Version under quality testing by TQA
- Official Version: Version passed by TQA

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