Welcome to Koh Young Help Center

The Koh Young Help Center is designed to provide our customers and partners with a complete self-service support option.
It will serve as the central hub for issue management and information distribution such as brochures and certificates and various documents you need.
They can get information from the knowledge base for answers. If they can't find an answer, they can submit a request to an support agent.

Topics covered in this article:


  • Role of Help Center
  • Who have access?
  • How to sign up
  • How to access the Knowledge base
  • General Issue Handling Process
  • Partner's page menus in Help Center



Role of Help Center

  1. Issue management
  2. Provide Knowledge base for information sharing
  3. Replace the role of Partner’s page (support.kohyoung.com)



Who have access?

  1. Everyone! (Koh Young engineers Distributors Customers)



How to sign up

  1. Without signing up &logging in, there is not much to see in the Help Center.
  2. However by signing in, you can access the Help Center to keep track of your activities in My Activities. Just click Sign in > Sign Up.

         If you get a message saying your email address is already in use, click Get a password.



 Accessing the Knowledge Base

  1. To access the Knowledge base, you are required to submit the Security Form which can be found under [Koh Young Help Center] Terms of Use.

         Or click HERE to submit it now.

  1. Without submitting the above form, you will only be able to see the issues you submitted by signing in.


[NOTE: No access granted for personal email accounts!]

Access to the knowledge base will be restricted if you are using a personal email domain such as Google, Yahoo, Naver and etc. Please sign in using your company email address! 



 General Issue Handling Process

  1. Ticket is the 1st tier support.
  2. A ticket can be generated by sending an email or by going to Help Center > Submit a request.
  3. Our support staff will assist with the request and if the issue cannot be solved by our 1st tier support, the ticket will be closed and a corresponding CRM case will be created (Of course you will receive a notification email).
  4. All tickets that you’ve submitted can be viewed in My Activities > My Requests
  5. CRM Case is the 2nd tier support
  6. CRM Case can be viewed in My Activities > CRM Case.
  7. It will follow the regular CRM Case process as we did before.


[NOTE: Ticket expiration Policy]

If a ticket is not updated by the requester within 14 days, a notification will be sent requesting for status updates.

If no update is made after 1 week since the notification the ticket will be closed.



Partner’s Page features moved to Help Center

  1. When a distributor user is signed in, Partner’s Page menu will be displayed under 

         My Activities.

        Do what you have been doing before in the Partner's page, just in a different address.

  1. You will be able to
  • View & submit reports
  • View & submit contacts
  • View & submit machine history and SW version info
  • View Spare Part List

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